Friday, 14 May 2010

Too busy paddling, no time for blogging

Yes!  I am still alive and still paddling!

You can tell that the 'summer' has begun because paddling is taking over my life.  On Tuesday I help coach the juniors or go on an OSKA paddle, on Wednesday we coach our adult group, on Thursday it's KKC paddle night, Friday is canoe polo, Saturday is adhoc paddling and Sunday is OSKA paddling day.  So only really Monday off then.  Because I'm so busy paddling I've not got much time to write about paddling but I'll try and write more when I can.

In the meantime, enjoy paddling!


  1. enjoy your paddlings, and we will patiently wait for your posts...

  2. that`s the best excuse i`ve heard, and acceptable too.We can wait.....

  3. if there is a valid excuse for not blogging it is certainly paddling. have fun.