Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Extra-curricular activities

All the Scottish League canoe polo games are played in Glenrothes in Fife.  This is quite far from Orkney.  300 miles to be precise.  Because of this, the Orkney Voles decided last year to make a weekend of our trips sooth.

Map   A =  home, B = ferry, C = Glenrothes

Last year, Captain Chrissie put me on skis in a blizzard and sent me down Cairngorm Mountain.  This was fine, but I am not a natural skier….

image200Captain Chrissie 

For our January trip this year, I decided I wanted to have a go at snowboarding.  So off I went for a lesson on Cairngorm with the Ski and Snowboard School.  Meanwhile my boarding friend in Sheffield asked if I wanted his old board.  Who was I to refuse? 

I had a great time during my lesson and actually managed to snowboard.  Basic stuff but I was moving and going where I wanted to go.  For some reason it all seemed far more intuitive to me than skiing, perhaps because it was one object and all about edges and weight and leaning and rotating and what not.  Just like in a kayak!  I was really impressed to watch the coach coach as I am interested in the coaching process in different sports.  His demonstrations were excellent.  Very clear and silent!

IMGP1795 Giving it a go

After being offered my own board, a bit of eBay action for bindings, boots, goggles and a jacket was required and I was nearly set.  The board itself arrived today, brought my the nice man from McAdie and Reeve.  Unfortunately he appeared in my back garden as I stood in the kitchen looking really rough in my PJs, while stirring lemsip and sneezing a lot! 

IMGP0014 Board!

Next trip sooth 10th of Feb for polo.  Bring on the snow!

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