Saturday, 1 January 2011

Uppies and Doonies

Today was the New Year’s Day Ba game.  The Uppies and the Doonies met at the Mercat Cross just before 1pm to await the throw up.

IMGP0282 Throw up

 IMGP0288 The scrum pushes up

IMGP0310                                                           Hairyaker considers the game from the edge of the scrum

IMGP0314                                                                     The scrum breaks onto the Kirk Green

IMGP0327 Penned in down Castle Street

IMGP0341 The scrum pushes down in Junction Road

 IMGP0348                                                                    The Doonies reach Bonny Kirkwall Bay and begin deciding on their Ba winner

For more about the game, have a look at this video from a few years ago.  It features an Uppie win.  Sorry Hairyaker!


  1. see this is great stuff! If this was canada everyone would first need a medical to participate prior to paying their club membership fee's. After the first sprained ankle a lawsuit would ensue.
    Hence afterwards you would have to take a mandatory safety course. physical contact would be banned and after making heritage as difficult as possiable it would die off.

  2. Well, as a ferrylouper I can't say too much, but I for one hope that the Ba survives for many more years.