Saturday, 30 January 2010

Gone Soft

Another spell of cold northerly weather has hit Orkney this week.  Today it has been windy and cold and we’ve had snow, sleet and hail.  I must have gone soft cos I don’t much fancy going out in Brrrrrr…..

The poor weather has given me a chance to do some things that aren’t kayaking, there is of course the small matter of the house that I bought in June….  This week I have managed to start redecorating the spare bedroom and make a few soft furnishings for my own.before Beforepaint And after….bed Runner and scatter cushions to match curtains.

Back in the world of indoor kayaking, my roll continues to deteriorate. Shouts of ‘I know it makes you feel dirty, but I really think you should lean back’ helped make good a very sorry situation so I wasn’t too disheartened by the end of Tuesday’s session. I also got Graham to try and teach me handrolling for polo, but I didn’t succeed, much to my frustration.

Polo training on Friday was great fun, we trained properly this week, doing drills on all the skills that we’d need in the games.  My shooting practice was pathetic, I don’t want to throw like a girl!  At the end of the session we had a game.  At the very end I was unceremoniously shoved in – dangerous play I say!!!