Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday Night is Polo Night

The hard men of KKC (otherwise known as The Dark Side) invited us along to play canoe polo on Friday nights and to be part of the Orkney Canoe Polo Squad.

Tonight was the first session and first time I had ever played polo in anger.  Talk of face shields, helmets, body armour and gum protectors intrigued me, but I was more scared of the members of the Dark Side than the playing of the game itself.  (Well you are very scary!)polo 003 (Medium)Into battle (photo Mackayak)

After spending an hour and a half at yoga earlier, I was far too chilled out for competitive sport so I got into character by walking round the house shouting obscenities at the cat in a broad West Lothian accent.  Mainly ‘ho you jimmy, gannae nae touch they glesses?’ and ‘did you jist push us in, ya rage?  I’ll hae you fur that’

Upon arrival at the pool, we were popped into boats and given some brief instruction on the rules before doing some dribble practice. polo 011 (Medium)Dribble practice (photo – Mackayak)

We then played a few games, swapping players throughout so that everyone could get a shot.polo 015 (Medium)Trying to learn the game (photo – Mackayak)

I wasn’t very good at the game and I’m not sure how the men felt about having a ‘girl’ on their team.  Still, I have to remind myself, I had never played before….

But, I got stuck in with all the energy I could muster and had a whale of a time.  It was like being a girl boy scout playing British Bulldogs all over again. 

At the end I threw in a roll, just to check I could, unfortunately I then fell in the other way and got so confused I just had to get out the boat.  More work needed!

So, I have now taken my first baby steps into competitive kayaking, now, just point me in the direction of the opposition….. ‘see yous, am gannae take this paddle und am gannae……….’


  1. Very cool.

    Good fun way to get a solid roll!

  2. Looks like great fun! Not sure that the cat will enjoy his role as fluffer much tho...


  3. That's the most "Scottish" I've ivir heard ye!!!!

  4. Went to live in England fur 10 years like. Nae yin cud unnerstan whit I wis sayin so Ay hud tae lurn tae speak Englush an aw.

  5. Now you are really talkin aboot the "DARK SIDE"