Sunday, 31 January 2010

Paint and a pool session

The weather here is still cold NW winds and snow, so the afternoon was spent continuing to decorate the front bedroom.  I was even restrained from my slapdash ways and made to do things properly.  Nearly finished now though, only a small section of skirting left to gloss.Image013 Is this a kayaker who can do DIY?????Image007Nearly done!

Anyway, after all that excitement, it was time for the OSKA pool session.  I wanted to think about handrolling again after last week so had a brief chat to Mackayak about it.  Another coach was also there and he gave me some excellent tips and got me handrolling first with a float and then with half a paddle. kyepool 013 (Medium)  kyepool 015 (Medium)kyepool 014 (Medium)Up she goes, half paddle rolling

The coach is very, very chilled and makes rolling look both easy and beautiful.  His hand roll method was equally chilled and I was pleased when I managed one.  As with all rolling, after that it came and went but I was pleased none the less.

My rolling has been not so great lately either, but again a few tips and it felt much smoother again.  I thought about the start and the finish positions and got my left side roll back to something I was happy with.  Strangely my right side felt smoother – maybe my right side was my wrong side after all?!

I left the pool feeling fairly positive and felt like I achieved quite a lot today.  :-)


  1. That is real nice!!!! Beautifull video!!!! I don't manage yet with the handroll.

  2. Thanks Avital. I think you just need a good teacher and some practice and you'll manage to handroll no bother.