Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Bad arm blues

It would appear that I have been having far too much fun out paddling over the festive period.  My arm now looks like this…IMGP0644 It has swollen up just below the wrist and hurts, especially at work when I try to type!

Pool sessions start at the weekend, so I’ll have to keep trying to do everything with the wrong hand until then.  Worst of all, it is my beer swigging arm and it’s the club social tomorrow night.  I’ll need to have drinks with a straw!!!


  1. Did you jar it maybe when the car spun around on the black ice?

    As for the social, shots are lighter!

  2. Hi Northern Kayaker!

    What a nice surprise to find you on our blog and a treat to find yours - we'll look forward to keeping up with your paddling adventures. What a wonderful part of the world you have for kayaking, as do we here. I am originally from Glasgow, but so long ago now that I have lost all evidence of it :-) One day there will be an opportunity to paddle up your way - would be great!

    Hope that wrist gets better soon - ouch!


  3. Is the wrist problem related to your paddle, I wonder? I had problems until I switched to a Lendal modified crank shaft. I then "upgraded" to a Werner neutral bent shaft and developed more wrist problems, esp in windy conditions. Gordon B told me to switch to a 60 deg feather and I haven't had an issue since. Touch wood!

  4. I have werner shuna bent shaft, normally 60 but at 30 on Sunday when it started to hurt. I changed to 30 because I have been having problems with my shoulder...... Maybe I should give up and take up knitting again?

  5. Agry whith abduk! I sarted few days ago to paddle with the "stick" whith no effort at all! We hade a "greenland paddle day" and under the instructins of Steve Gordon (u can see in his blog- "something to sink your teeth into")we made it our self. Be well soon!

  6. The only other thing I did was pay very close attention as to when specifically my wrist hurt during the stroke and to see if I was doing something weird. I realised that I was turning my hand back on itself too much during the "pull" phase of the opposite hand. I corrected this, whilst at the same time changing the feather. Loads of people told me to make sure I wasn't gripping too tightly too, which you tend to do in wind. I guess a combination of all of this solved the problem, although I feel the feather issue was the thing. I should add that I haven't been on a really long trip yet.

    For whatever reason, this only cropped up with my Werner paddle - the fault of the user, of course, although my hubby also has problems with the neutral bent shaft and prefers the Lendal crank shaft, but the Lendal paddles are so much heavier.

    Good luck in getting to the bottom of it.

  7. Yes, Lendals are too heavy for me. Got tendonitis last April but been fine all summer.

    I have never used a greenland paddle, but wouldn't mind a go.