Monday, 25 January 2010

Division Two Polo League

The purpose of our weekend trip to sooth was for the Orkney team to play in the Scottish Division Two canoe polo league at Glenrothes.IMGP0766_edit Orkney Canoe Polo Team – Peter, Torquil, Graham, Kristian and Colin

Two of the team were coming down by plane so myself and Ansgar were reserve players in case of bad weather.  As it was, we were not needed but did make a reasonable camera girl and water boy.

The Orkney team made a good start in the first game of the evening against Scarlet Ladies B, winning by a convincing 4 goals to 2, with  Graham Summers scoring all 4 goals for Orkney.IMGP0754_edit Kristian in the thick of it against Scarlet Ladies

The next match was against Stirling University.  Orkney showed far more aggression in this game and it was a hard fought match, with Orkney the eventual winners with 5 goals to nil, thanks in the main to Graham and Torquil’s fine shooting.  Graham again scored 4 goals and must be a contender for top scorer in the the league.IMGP0764 004_0001 Good defending by keeper Peter

The next team to play were Heriot Watt and this was a really tough match with lots of good hard play.  Orkney had one yellow card issued for language but then won a penalty after a dangerous play on Colin, which was successfully taken by Graham Summers.

Unfortunately, Graham then conceded a penalty at the other end of the field which put Heriot Watt back in the lead.  The final score was 3, 2 to Heriot Watt, with Orkney’s other goal coming from Kristian Cooper.IMGP0769 020_0002 Orkney win a penalty from this tackle on ColinIMGP0769 023_0001 Graeme converts the penalty into a point for Orkney

The final game of the match was against F.C.A.G coached by Coldwetwater.  It was a really good, hard match and Orkney had loads of shots on target which were expertly saved by F.C.A.G.  By this point in the evening, Graham had been identified as an excellent long range shooter so he was marked heavily. The opposition played very defensively and it was difficult for Orkney to convert any chances to goals.  The final score was 4 – 1 to F.C.A.G with Orkney’s goal again scored by Graham Summers.IMGP0770 013_0001 Orkney (in blue) defend against FCAG

All in all, the Orkney team played very well and thoroughly deserve their place in Division 2.

The Heriot Watt game can be seen below:


  1. 4-1 to FCAG and I'd just like to point out that our main defender is a 5 foot 3 inch 16 year old girl! Maybe these guys should get some fitness training in before they take her on again.
    It was a good tournament and a couple of our kids mentioned what nice people Orcadians are.

  2. Hi again!

    Yes - I've just seen the score sheet. You defense was excellent, what will your daughter be like when she's my age!!

  3. aaawww look at tiddly number 6. bless him!!!!! didnt he do well!!

  4. If you value your life, I would't call him tiddly!!!

  5. Do I detect a little bit of admiration, or maybe even more, for the guys from the dark side. Hmmmmmm see blog from Thursday 31st December !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Errmmmmm...... well...... it's funny who you find living at the top of the hill!!!!