Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Little and Large

Johnny sent Mackayak and I some pics from Sunday.  Despite the sun, you can tell the time of year by the hats and gloves on show, not to mention the snow on the hills.

interesting shoreline Little Harry, big NK (note matching outfits!!!) (photo - Johnny)come oot 'o thereLittle NK, big cave (photo - Johnny)Peter & short sea ferry Little catamaran, big Peter (photo – Johnny)

With winds of 40+ knots forecast for the weekend, it’ll be a while before we have weather like this again…


  1. Looks like Ive got a peedie man on my deck too!

  2. Oh dear, that made me laugh a lot. Poor Peter, I am sure he doesn't wish to be your deck appendage!

  3. I thought you lot only got daylight for 2 minutes at a time around now. It's a permanent eclipse of the sun down here in the central belt.

  4. That's why we keep landing in the dark!