Friday, 1 January 2010

Hogmanay and Happy New Year!

In 2008, the tradition of the OSKA Hogmanay paddle began.   This involves wrapping up warm and going out after dark.  In 2008 I missed out on what was a paddle in ideal conditions.  For 2009, I arranged my holidays so that I could attend.  I was quite keen to go out a midnight, but as no one else is quite as obsessed, we met at a more reasonable 6pm.  Conditions were fine, although not as calm as last year.  We were hit by one squall and a snow shower which made it all the more fun!  We didn’t go far at all, 1.86 miles round Scapa Bay, but it was a short and sweet trip.

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We took lots of photos as we went and were worried the camera flashes might spark a rescue operation!  I made sure I had some suitable refreshments with me…..whiskySurely we should be drinking Scapa?” Photo: JohnnyIMGP0516Leaving the pierIMGP0518Heading into the dark IMGP0525Johnny and Antje
IMGP0529_edit JohnnyIMGP0531 Peter and AntjeIMGP0532 A bunch of idiots!
Today in Kirkwall, The New Years Day Ba’ is played.  I went along to watch the men for a couple of hours this afternoon.  The Ba was stuck down and alley when I left, but it looked like a Doonie win was likely.  I’m supporting the Uppies as their ‘goal’ is just near my house.
IMGP0541 Ba’ spectators

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