Tuesday, 26 January 2010

They’re all essential – honest

Being in Aviemore at the weekend meant that we could visit Highland Canoes on Monday morning before we went up for the boat.   This was a bad thing as of course I found a number of essential items that I just had to buy…….

IMGP0774 I need them all, honest.

The justification goes as follows:

1) Helmet – well I don’t want to get mashed when I go surfing or down a river again

2) Spraydeck- I simply just don’t have a completely neoprene deck and keep getting wet when paddling, especially in surf

3) Buoyancy aid- The one I have is two big and has obtrusive pockets that catch on things when doing self rescues.  Mackayak kindly pointed out that I now have three BAs, so I am going to sell one!

IMGP0776 Saggy breasted buoyancy aid


  1. Might be interested in saggie paped buoyancy!

    from a hairy orkney polo player.

  2. Never! Never need to explain buying! Ofcours you need it!!!