Sunday, 17 January 2010

Big Sunday

Today we thought we’d have a kayak surf session as a gale on Friday night had produced some lovely easterly swell.  Two of us had been keen to have a go for sometime, especially as the little club boats live with me.  We started off at the 4th Barrier and were not quite in the water when a very wise kayaking man turned up and said something along the lines of ‘yur gunnae get f***ing mashed in there’.  Nuff said.IMGP0669Big Sunday at the 4th Barrier

We reconvened up the road at the second barrier, where the waves were just right for a couple of hours of wet and wild fun and perfect for novice surfers.IMGP0676 Peter and KristianIMGP0677 Kristian, Johnny and AnsgarIMGP0678 PeterIMGP0680 KristianIMGP0679Peter  IMGP0682 It’s coming this way……IMGP0684 Peter, Kristian and Johnny heading out back

I caught a few good waves and seemed to do quite a lot of surfing backwards, not necessarily deliberately (although I am claiming it was…). I got a good dunking 3 times, but the second time managed a roll in anger which made me very happy indeed!  You can hear my whoops quite clearly in the background.

Fortunately, we were all dressed for the occasion so didn’t mind getting wet and it certainly didn’t dampen our spirits at all.  I am not sure that Dennis is going to get his dry suit back anytime soon though…

After a final dunking (with appropriate war cry as illustrated below) and a fine rescue practice from the boys, the proceedings were called to a halt and we made our way back to shore for a cup of hot juice and a fine choccy biccie. 

I got home this evening and heard the sound of the coastguard helicopter overhead.  A check of the internet told me that Stromness and Kirkwall lifeboats were also launched.  The Orkney kayak grapevine informs me that a kayaker had to be rescued by the helicopter off the north coast of the mainland, never good news for anyone.

I put together this video of the day, not very exciting but I like the accompanying tune!

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  1. Cool fun! - can't wait to have a go in the wee red boat. Rollin' rollin' rollin' NK keeps on rollin'...