Sunday, 17 January 2010

7 out of 10 ain’t so bad – post surf pool sesh

Tonight I had a few aims for the pool session

1) Roll that pesky red boat a few times and ensure it knows who’s boss

2) Roll pool boat on good side (left) competently and confidently

3) Practice ‘wrong’ (right) side rolling

I managed several OK rolls in said red boat and a few failures too.  Getting into the pool boat after that was a doddle.  My right side (left) felt comfortable and smooth but sometimes I just lost it.

The wrong side was clunky and I had to exit a few times when I failed to roll.  However, by the end of the night I was feeling smooth on the right too, but just not as smooth as on the left.  Sometimes I just lost both sides completely and for no apparent reason.  When I got out, I made sure I got back in again and ended the evening with a roll on both sides so I went home feeling positive.

I might join The Dark Side and go to their pool sessions too.  I want to roll as many times as I can this winter!!!


  1. Hows this fer ya
    that surf video coinvinced me to go buy a white water boat!
    joined a river runners club today heading to the pool with em thursday.Wonder how different a ww boat is gonna be to roll.Should prove interesting

  2. 7/10 is very impressive NK! We seem to have mastered the "first" half of the roll - very smooth, very slick, very accomplished-looking actually. It's the second part of the roll that remains illusive, at least for the most part! :(

  3. Great stuff Abduk. We're lucky that the club bought for GP boats with lottery funding earlier in the year so I can use those. Rolling a WW boat is difficult, you really have to give it ooomph to get over the hard chines but then it rights itself more or less.