Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Brian the Polo Paddle

Courtesy of Bananavan Couriers, Brian the paddle arrived yesterday and I got to try him out this evening in the pool.

If you like Brian as much as I do, then get in touch with Powerplay Paddles who are based in Stirling and who all play polo themselves.

Mmmmmmmmm Brian.

 IMGP0470                                 Brian was not going to live in the garage with the other kayaking gear but keeping him in my bed seemed a little excessive!

Mmmmm Brian……



  1. That is some feather on that paddle!

    Brian, Dennis, Jimmy whoever next!

  2. He's 2m tall with a 75 degree feather.

    Brian Cox or May (musical physicists mmmm)
    Dennis (there can only be one Dennis)
    Jimmy (my mate who's a bit metrosexual)
    Iain Stewart (thinking womens' crumpet)
    Jeremy Vine (but only dressed as Frankenfurter!)

  3. I must point out that I admire both Dennis and Jimmy, the mmmmms are for the others.

  4. Jeremy Vine?..HaHa..
    Brian is also the evil toothless polo ref!

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