Saturday, 17 April 2010

4* Frolics

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to Skye to undertake 4* training with Gordon Brown.  The weather when i arrived in Skye was perfect, pity about the low pressure than came in over night……IMGP1283The weather started OK…..

The first day of training was spent indoors doing tidal planning and navigation work while the wind howled and the rain poured.  On arrival back at the tent, it was at an ‘interesting’ angle so I retreated to a warm and dry B and B.

The second day of training was spent at Armadale where we did blind leading around the skerries and played in  and around some interesting gaps and rocks.IMGP1301The Armadale to Mallaig ferry

The next day we visited Kylerhea where the tide was still noticeable despite it being neap tides.  We did loads of wet work trying to stand up in our boats  and getting out in very awkward places.IMGP1308The Kylerhea community owned ferry

Thursday and Friday were 4* assessment, I chickened out of doing my assessment but decided to guinea pig while I had the chance.  I enjoyed playing the unconscious casualty!IMGP1329 Casualty landing

After all that excitement, I went back to my parents house (via B and Q).  The weekend weather was great again and I spent Sunday helping my friend with an open boat session in Inverness.IMGP1356Eleanor in full flow  IMGP1384 Open boat x rescue

Back home, Tuesday night was an induction evening for club trips.  Despite the  calm conditions, unfortunately several of us inadvertently capsized and had to be rescued.IMGP1392 Jackie rescues Peter


  1. Getting to paddle with Gordon must have been quite the experience. Can I ask what kept you from doing your assessment?