Saturday, 27 March 2010

The view from above

imageScapa weather

This afternoon was not an afternoon for paddling, instead I went to Mull Head in Deerness for a walk.  The path around the top of the cliffs follows a well kent kayak route but everything looks different from above. IMGP1255The Gloup

The path first makes its way to above the Gloup where there is a viewing bridge allowing you to look down over the waterfall.  From above it looks vast and impressive.   IMGP1262 The seas beyond the Brough of Deerness

Next passed is the Brough of Deerness.  This was once an important early medieval settlement and is covered by the foundations of houses and workshops.  The church was excavated a while ago and this has been restored partially.  To reach the brough, there is a steep path from the mainland down to the sea and up the other side.  Earlier in the year some friends of mine worked on the most recent excavations here, carrying tools and equipment up and down wasn’t fun and I only had to do it twice!  I didn’t visit the brough today but instead looked wistfully at the seas beyond.

From the top of the cliff, I got a better view of some of the local residents.IMGP1263 Gulls on the cliffs

I carried on my walk and soon rounded Mull Head itself. After a few hundred metres further, I found myself looking down into a familiar lunch spot.  The tide was clearly out today and the tunnel access to the beach was high and dry.IMGP1273 Lunch spot

I could have carried on my walk to the Covenanters Memorial but instead took the shorter route back towards the car.  I’ll save a trip to the memorial for another day.IMGP1275Covenanters Memorial 

I did see anyone apart from a farmer in his tractor during my walk but I did happen across a pair of ‘paddlers’……IMGP1276Winter visitors

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