Saturday, 20 March 2010

More indoors

Last night was another rock and roll Friday night with us having another sea boat session in the swimming pool.  My roll started off badly when I tried to use an extended paddle but failed miserably.  After being instructed that I needed to give things a bit more oomph I duly did so and the roll improved greatly.  I practiced with extended paddle, hand by the blade and normal screw roll position and was happy with my progress.  Until Sunday……IMGP1211 NK in the pool

Conditions in the pool were a whole lot better than conditions outside yesterday, Scapa Pier looked a little different from last weekend.  Strangely, we were neither out in kayak or canoe in those conditions!imageA few waves at Scapa Pier – Photo PJF from OSKA galleryIMGP1162A much calmer sea

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  1. NK - I have been following your rolling progress with great interest and, of course, I can relate! We finally got an Avocet into the local pool on Friday night and I struggled with it. I did roll it, but not well, and I did a bit of swimming too. The coach said he couldn't see what was technically wrong with the roll other than "buoyancy issues". On examining the video evidence, and comparing it with Alan's (hubby), I can clearly see that, whilst the kayak is starting to rotate upon set-up for Alan, it doesn't start moving until well into the sweep for me. By the time the kayak's well on its way to being upright for him, mine is just starting to rotate. Yet I swear I can't get my hip flick going any sooner.

    So, yesterday I took my Isel out and rolled it. After some initial dry suit issues (ahem - too much air preventing capsize), it rolled like a pool boat and felt great.

    I am really starting to contemplate the difference between the Isel and the Avocet - namely, the absence of "meaty" thigh braces in the latter. Is there a connectivity issue going on with the Avocet, I wonder, and the hip flick isn't "transferring" to the boat as well as a result? This might explain why "oomph" is needed?

    Which leads me to ask, have you tried rolling Mackayak's Isel and, if so, how does it compare? Have you fitted out your Avocet at all?

    Of course, rolling with a BA and drysuit on makes a difference too, but I had similar issues with the Avocet with those on. I might take the Isel to the pool to experiment, but am not sure I could stand any more frustration! I only need to be able to roll it in the sea after all!

    Sorry to go on, but I need to talk to someone who understands (am boring everyone else senseless) and from reading about your heroic efforts, I sense that you will :)

    Can't believe those conditions up your way yesterday. It was a lovely day here.

    Keep on rolling!