Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alien Craft

This weekend saw us take to a different craft than our usual sea boats when we undertook an open canoe course with Biscuit from Beyond Adventure who literally came for a flying visit to Orkney.IMGP1149                    The view from my boat

The new coaching and star awards now require an open boat element so it was essential for me as a level 2 trainee to get more practice.  4 others are about to do their level 2 training so we had a good bunch all ready to get more canoe experience, together with one novice canoeist who jumped at the chance to try something different.   

Saturday saw us have to use the very strong wind as we tracked the boats up the beach to a slightly more sheltered spot at Inganess.  We managed to do some tandem and solo work and got a lot more done than the forecast suggested it was going to allow.  The wind was pretty strong and we had to work hard to go against it but had fun being blown back towards the cars at the end of the afternoon.P3131190 (Medium)Coaching point discussions (and a rest for weary ankles) -MackayakP3131189 (Medium)Receiving a masterclass - Mackayak

Today the wind was slightly less and coming from the north so we went to the other side of the pier at Scapa a warm up and skills practice in the morning . IMGP1169 Mackayak shows off her J-strokesIMGP1166 Neil trims his way up wind while a tug tows fenders into Scapa Flow

All morning rumours circulated that we might undertake a canoe journey in the afternoon and sure enough after lunch, it was suggested that we might paddle from Scapa to Holm Village.  Having organised the shuttle, we set off in earnest, several of the sea kayakers not sure about undertaking such a familiar trip in such a different kind of boat.  After the first mile or so, with the wind behind us, we had a go at rafted sailing using some tarp, paddles and odd rope.mary4 (Medium)Setting off in earnest for HolmIMGP1176 Rafting upIMGP1182Underwayraft (Medium) The mighty craft- Mackayak

We sailed most of the way to Holm, breaking the raft when we neared St Mary’s and turned up wind for the final part of the trip.IMGP1201 Happy canoeists arrive in HolmIMGP1195 Canoe at Holm

140310 Our afternoon trip

Everyone seemed to enjoy their canoeing experience and I think the weekend was a success, despite the Orkney wind!

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  1. Open canoes are the work of the devil! I need knee pads before I go near them and a sea trip would scare me silly.