Wednesday, 10 March 2010

It’s warmer indoors….

Last night was another session in the swimming pool.  I split my time between my own skills practice in a boat and coaching the youngsters for the Paddlepower Passport.IMGP1136                                  Studying the Paddlepower booklet

Coaching the youngsters is rewarding when they execute tasks well, I wish I had learnt to paddle when I was their age.  I was most impressed at their commitment to their low brace support strokes.  They asked if they should try to capsize then bring themselves up just before they did.  Goggles were duly put on and one girl even fell in!  IMGP1137 Bank based coaching

My own time in a boat was spent practicing rolls on both sides and trying to hand roll.  My in boat rolling was fine and I tried to concentrate on a good finish position and tried to keep my head where it was meant to be!IMGP1138 “I will be finishing this roll in the high brace position”

My hand rolling was less successful but I did manage a few rolls.  I was most pleased at the end of the session when I managed to hand roll on the off side first time.IMGP1139 Hand rolling (or trying to)

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