Monday, 22 March 2010

The Lonely Lomo Boot

For some time I have had only one Lomo boot which really wasn’t very useful.  I searched high and low but its friend was never discovered and I had given up all hope of finding it again.  Eventually I gave in and bought a new pair.  However after our paddle yesterday, a lomo boot was spotted inside a lobster pot by the side of the road.  It was the missing boot!  Discovered at least 7 months since it was lost!  The boots are now reunited and very happy they are too.IMGP1243 Happy boots!

Yesterday we paddled around Deerness in the east mainland from the fantastic slip at Newark to the beach at Halley.  Although on Friday we had a huge westerly storm, there was still a bit of sea on the east side.  Rather than a slow easy swell, there was a fair amount of clapotis around coming off the cliffs.  I did a little bit of rock hopping, getting right into the soup on one occasion (brace, brace, brace……).  We carried on up the coast and made our way to The Gloup.IMGP1217 Under the waterfall at the back of the Gloup

We then carried on northwards towards Mull Head, pausing beneath the Brough of Deerness for a quick snack.  Once we rounded Mull Head the swell and clapotis lessened considerably.IMGP1234Ansgar and Jackie rounding Mull HeadIMGP1233Cathy off Mull Head

We rounded the head and then made our way to a beach in one of the geos reached by a tunnel.  Often the end of this is difficult to get through but the high tide made it easy for us to pass all the way through.  IMGP1238 Tunnel

After a warming cup of tea, we had a good run back to Halley where we spotted the famous missing boot.210310

Last night was another sea boat session in the pool.  I was rolling OK but I still don’t feel bombproof.  I suppose all I can do is keep practicing……IMGP1249 Malcolm tries out Mackayak’s Isel

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  1. Can you have a look for some of my hats next time you are out? I'm down to 6...