Monday, 8 March 2010

East facing strata

Yesterday we decided to visit Rerwick by leaving from Inganess Bay and continuing on to the Hall of Tankerness.  070310 The first part of the paddle to Yinstay Head was a rather dull open water crossing but at least there were a few caves to see at the head. IMGP1123Peter at Yinstay

We then crossed over towards Rerwick Head where we stopped for a break on a small  beach.  After our repast we carried on round the corner.  The east facing coast, despite being somewhat sheltered by Deerness, the most eastern part of mainland Orkney, still gets battered enough by the winter storms to boast some great caves and passageways.IMGP1122Dennis at Rerwick

One of the best tunnels is know as the Hole of Roe.  This is perhaps 50m long and is great fun.  IMGP1125Jackie passes through the Hole of Roe

The last section of the paddle gave me a chance to practice my forward paddling as we headed towards the pier at Hall of Tankerness.  I think this was probably built in the days of the herring fisheries but sees little activity these days.

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