Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mystery kayakers spotted!

Do you drive a small red car?  Are you in Orkney?  Are you paddlers?  Mysteriously, while battling with the continuing saga of My Broken Skeg and Other Kayak Tales, I spotted a small car with two sea kayaks on the roof down the street.  Now, normally this wouldn’t be odd at all, a whole manner of vehicles with kayaks on/in/behind them regularly appear in my street but I didn’t know who these people were.  I ask you!  A paddler, in Orkney, who I don’t know?  Whatever next?!

Anyway, whoever the mystery people were, it is certainly a lovely day for a paddle and I wish I’d got my wits about me earlier and arranged an early evening trip after work.IMGP1133 Evening sunshine over Kirkwall

Sunday night saw another pool session, this time without sea boats.  I was there to coach but as many of the attendees didn’t make it, I took the chance to jump in a boat myself.

Well, in a small pool boat my roll is fine, dare I say bombproof, and I happily rolled away on both sides in the little white boat.  I tried to slow things down and tried to make a point of bringing the head up last.  Then I tried a few hand rolls, inelegantly but effectively.

Maybe I’ll fair better on Friday with my sea boat in the pool again?

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOHH, You never know the 'Dark Side'could be gathering strength!!! :D