Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Canoe Polo

You know it’s the end of summer when pool sessions and canoe polo training start.  We’ve been training for a few weeks now, with the A team preparing for their first series of division 1 matches at the weekend.IMGP0166

We started the evening with a warm up followed by some passing and possession drills.  After a bit of rest, we played an extended game.  The teams were pretty mixed so everyone had fun!IMGP0182  I brought my mother along as official photographer and I think she enjoyed the experience, although I wasn’t impressed when she indicated she wanted me to demonstrate a roll… (oh the pressure!)

Later we reorganised the teams with the A team players who were in attendance on one team and the rest of us on another.  Needless to say, this match was little more one sided….IMGP0183

This year we are also going to have the Orkney B canoe polo team which I have volunteered to look after.  I put out an appeal for players but so far only have 2!-  Come on guys (AND GALS!), you know you want to!

Christina and I would really like to see a ladies team but as yet we don’t have enough woman players.  We were really excited last night when a new woman joined in – maybe we’ll get 5 women yet!

In the meantime, good luck to the A team!

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