Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Stunt Double

By a process of elimination and inspection, I have deduced that there must be a hole somewhere in my boat.  The back hatch is not supposed to fill with water at an alarming rate……  Investigations led me to a possible company here who could fix her but at the moment they are not answering their phone.  This means that for the moment, I am on the sea without a boat.  It struck me that I might have to use a different boat for my 4* assessment and that perhaps I should start practising for that eventuality.

Tonight was a KKC pool session and the vole keeper confirmed that he would be bringing some sea boats to the pool and this meant I could practise in a plastic Avocet.

IMGP0122Stand in boat 

I wanted to practise the same things because I want to be able to do them in 4* assessment.  I’m not sure I will succeed  but if I practice as hard as I can, at least I will know I have done my best.  Tonight my re-entry and rolls were poor but I managed a few.

IMGP0124 Re-enter

IMGP0125 Roll (successful despite the awful head position)

After my abject failure at the end of Sunday’s session, I was a little apprehensive about trying a self-rescue in a different boat.  However, it seemed fine and I managed to get back in quickly and effectively.

IMGP0126 Swing that leg…..

IMGP0127 Bum in seat…

IMGP0129 Success!!!

KKC sessions are always very busy so after 20 minutes or so, it was time to get out and let other people get in boats.  I wandered down to the shallow end where most of the coaching in rolling and handrolling takes place and soon found myself coaching one of our younger members to roll.  I like teaching the girls as it is always good to encourage other female paddlers.  I wish I had gone to the canoe club at my school way back in 1992…..  After some hard work from her, we had some very near screw rolls so there is plenty to build on next week.

My butterfly rolls in my sea boat have been unsuccessful since I went to Shetland (I blame the vet) so I thought I’d give them a whirl in a pool boat.  Both sides were no trouble but I think I am rushing the roll too much.  While I was doing this, another coach came over to chat.  He wanted to know why I coached the screw roll upright, rather than with a back deck finish.  That was a very good question.  I suppose it is because I was taught that way and because at that time it was regarded as ‘the right way’ to do things.  The other coach pointed out that teaching a back deck finish relates much better to other things that we do – handrolls, butterfly rolls etc etc etc.  This has got me thinking as I see exactly what he is saying.  I think, at the end of the day, there is no ‘right’ way to roll, as long as you keep yourself and your shoulders safe and it gets you upright!

Unlike my butterfly handrolls at the end of the night….  ah well…. something to work on next week (with Mackayak for help……)


  1. Skeg is leaking!! Check the hose containing the cable coming off the housing.

  2. It wasn't obvious at first, but the skeg box has split from the hull. Lets water in, doesn't let water out again!