Monday, 13 February 2012

Voles with gifts….

The transportation of goods from sooth to home is always something of an issue.  This weekend, however, the Orkney Voles were playing in Glenrothes so Mackayak made use of Silver Darling Delivery Services to get her new boat home.

There was great anticipation as the Hamnavoe was crossing the Firth and a small gathering of paddlers convened in her garage ready for the great reveal.  It was worth waiting for……

IMGP0029 Silver Darling Delivery Services arrive with the package

IMGP0030 Like Christmas, only better

 IMGP0032 Rough finished areas

IMGP0033 Her badge



IMGP0036  I think it might be love…..

IMGP0037  “I think even I could manage a static brace in this, look at these connectivity points!”

IMGP0038  “I don’t want to give it back!”

I have tried to suggest to Mackayak some Ninja paddling after work this week but I think we’ll have to wait until the weekend for the maiden voyage.  As well as being great for Greenland skills, I also think that the boat will move rather quickly due to the length, lightness and keel line.  A low volume, quick boat is what I dream of!  Mackayak, I hope you have your garage well secured!!!

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