Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine’s night out

The rinse and spin cycle on my washing machine had barely finished after our session on Sunday, when it was time to pack a bag once more and head for the pool again.

Of course I wanted to practice the same old same old, and I did, successfully.  The most exciting thing, however, was the launch of Mackayak’s latest acquisition, The Black Beast.

 IMGP0041 Thinking about the Elbow Roll

IMGP0043 Post-roll

IMGP0045  I think she’s happy!

IMGP0049 Phwoar, look at the chines on that!

IMGP0051 Self rescue

After Mackayak had given it a go, I was instructed to have a shot.  Having squeezed in with my shoes on, I was handed a Greenland paddle.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do!  After a roll or two, I hit upon a new plan – handrolling!  Being a heathen, I handrolled the way I handroll a polo boat but it worked!  So, I can now officially say, '”I can handroll  a sea kayak!”.  The boat seemed really nice, so I look forward to having a go in the sea and seeing how she handles in some conditions.

IMGP0056 A confused paddler

IMGP0059 Handrolling – GET IN!

With only 5 minutes of the session remaining, I decided to jump back in my boat and complete four tasks.  Roll on left, roll on right, re-enter and roll and self-rescue.  This I did, in quick succession, so that was a positive end to the session.  Now I just have to get as slick in the sea!

IMGP0063 Offside roll (you can tell it’s ok by my hair!)

IMGP0064 Re-entry and roll

IMGP0065 Self rescue

After all that fun, I’m more than ready for my bed…..  yawn…….


  1. Great stuff! You guys make me wanna hit the pool.

    1. It's great to practice in the warm without getting numb hands and cold shock!