Monday, 15 November 2010

Mackayak Masterclass

Today Mackayak booked the swimming pool for a sea boat session as she was champing at the bit to get wet again.

A few of us joined in and got wet ourselves.  Mackayak demonstrated her usual grace in her boat, I flailed around a lot.

Mackayak gave some tips to the other participants who were just as successful if not as graceful.

Later on we coached the beginners at the pool.  We introduced the boat, practised capsizing and got them paddling around.  At the end we tried some boat balancing.  I think it went OK but it’s hard to judge your own coaching.Picture 004NK gesticulates! (photo Malc)Picture 006  Paddle like this! (Photo Malc)

Mackayak has written a fine summary of the day on her blog

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