Friday, 5 November 2010

A new collar and cuffs

This week I sent my drysuit off for a trip to North Wales to get mended by Rubberman.  I think I’ve had my suit for nearly 2 years and the rubber had really begun to perish recently – I’ve already had my latex feet replaced with neoprene ones.  I sent the suit off on Tuesday lunch time and had it back by this afternoon, complete with new cuffs and neck seal.  Excellent service indeed!

IMGP0240 Will my head fit through??

Tonight was another polo session.  We’re back to Friday night training now that KKC pool sessions have started again on Tuesdays. 

Tonight we did some dribbling drills, work on passing before playing a game.

IMGP0230Ready to play

IMGP0239Team talk   IMGP0232Guarding the goal   IMGP0235  Fighting for the ballIMGP0238Kathleen’ with a lovely pair…


  1. Hi,

    Is that a Lomo drysuit? I really rate mine (like yours, about 2-3 years old), but find that I get cold feet. Have you found the neoprene feet a bit warmer than the latex ones?

    Kind regards


  2. Yes, it is a Lomo suit. I like it but am a little disappointed that the latex went quite so quickly. I got new feet cos one latex foot just ripped off when I was putting it on! My neoprene feet do seem lovely and warm, it's quite thick neoprene and I always wear woolly socks underneath. Also, I don't feel that I am going to rip them when I take the suit on or off.

  3. I've been lucky with mine in that I've had no trouble with any of the latex at all - perhaps it's just variable between batches?

    Good to know about the neoprene feet though - I know what I'll be doing when the socks wear out!

    Thanks for the info