Tuesday, 9 November 2010

No grumpiness allowed!

Tonight was another KKC pool session.  It was busier than last week which meant less time in a boat.

I started with some rolling……IMGP0296NK rolls the polo boat

Then took butterfly roll and static brace lessons from Mackayak……IMGP0299Mackayak demonstrates static brace

Watched Christina do some exercises………IMGP0301The queen of polo

Then finished off at ‘Malcolm’s School of Handrolling’ once again.IMGP0303 No Christina, this is not my meerkat impression!IMGP0307Hmmm…..IMGP0305 Almost up

My handrolling was much poorer than last week.  I think I need to move my body further to the side in the set up and make sure I really push with the right foot as I come up.  More practice needed!

Now that wasn’t too negative now was it?!


  1. That wasn't so easy in a polo boat - it is so wide and is about 2cm deep behind the cockpit.
    Looking forward to sea boat Sunday!

  2. It was interesting to learn about the static brace and butterfly roll. I was just grumpy about the handrolling. I could do it last week!!