Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Positive Pool Practise

Tonight was the first of the KKC pool sessions.  Rather selfishly, I have decided that since I am coaching at the OSKA sessions, I am going to use the KKC sessions for personal development and improving MY skills.
My pool session goals for this year are:

1)    Learn to back deck roll
2)    Learn to roll polo boat properly
3)    Learn to hand roll reliably
4)    Hand roll polo boat

With these thoughts in mind, I started the session by jumping in the polo boat (thank you Hairyaker) and doing some hip flicks at the side of the pool.  I was a bit reluctant to try and roll it after my appalling attempts during polo practise a few weeks ago but I gave it a go and happily succeeded.  I was thinking about a back deck roll as I did it but I think I currently have a weird hybrid roll so I must work on tidying that up.     IMGP0218IMGP0219NK gets to grips with the polo boat 

My next aim was to work on my handrolling.  I want to learn to hand roll for playing canoe polo, but am interested in the art of handrolling as another kayak skill.

Mackayak has spent a lot of time this summer working on handrolling her sea boat which is no mean feat.  We are not sure how she manages to be so graceful, I shall have to get her to teach me after Christmas.

Last roll of summer from Mackayak on Vimeo.

Tonight I attended ‘Malcolm’s School of Handrolling’.  After several failed attempts, thanks to Malcolm’s patience I managed several hand rolls so I was quite chuffed with that.  Thanks Malcolm!

Since it’s getting late I’ll end this post with Malcolm’s demonstration…..

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