Saturday, 11 December 2010

Kayak Addiction

I think I have a problem.  Yesterday I left a works’ Xmas dinner and leaving do to go and play canoe polo.  I did finish my dinner first though!

The Orkney A Team have their second round of Division 1 matches this weekend and a few of the team made it along for one final practice.  We are also trying to put together the Orkney B Team so it was good for us to practice before Xmas is upon us.

I arrived and was told that because I now could handroll, it was fine to push me in.  I protested that I couldn’t hand roll at all, but apparently I had been seen!  That’ll teach me to post videos on my blog…..

We had a fun practice tonight.  We practiced some skills and then played a game.  I got rather passionate and swore at Peter but only because I thought it was a red ball and he was cheekily trying to steal it for the whites.  Sorry Peter!IMGP0042 Warming upIMGP0043  Captain Hairyaker is proud of his fibreglass repairsIMGP0053  NK has the ballIMGP0056 Reds v. Whites

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