Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Magic Canoe

I arrived home from the mainland this afternoon and found a canoe in the garage!  How did it get there?  It must be magic!  I wonder if I can wish it from the garage to the water and back again?

IMGP0243 Magic Canoe!

I shall now be opening a competition to name the canoe…. suggestions please!

I got lots of nice things for Christmas but by far the best was some vintage Playmobil.  It’s a different set from the one listed on http://www.collectobil.com/catalogue/items/3466.htm but must date to around the same time.  I wonder why he has a funny paddle though?

IMGP0225 Greenland Paddler

When I was small, I loved Playmobil and had a great big box of the stuff.  I found the box (now not containing Playmobil) and who should I find pictured on the sticker on the side….IMGP0238


  1. Perhaps that sticker has had a subliminal influence on you!
    Is he setting up for a pawlatta?
    I reckon its time someone carved (whittled?) him a proper GP....

  2. He only has one blade, it's very strange. I need to sort it out. Do we know anyone who could make a tiny Greenland paddle for him? Also, he is entirely unflexible and cannot do static brace or butterfly roll but he is still very cool and at least 20 years old!

  3. I mean.... inflexible. Glad to see my education was worthwhile!

  4. Name it "paddle to the sea" or "dirty oar"

  5. He looks like a courageous little soul, especially with just one blade. I'm kind of partial to "Island Braveheart", in a peaceful, sea kayaking kind of way, of course. D. :)