Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Presents

Last night was the last KKC pool session before Christmas.  We headed out through the snow towards the warm pool.  I had a special request to bring along one of my craft.

 IMGP0160 Deflated canoe

Before we went into the pool, Mackayak presented me with a lovely Christmas present of ‘Duck Hands’ – perfect I feel for those obsessed with handrolling!

IMGP0167  Duck hands!

IMGP0169 Put to the test 

PC210031 (Medium) Even more deflated after an hour and a half in the pool.


  1. lol that last pic makes me laugh. How do you find the duck hands?

  2. I thought they were good, nice and thin so you could hold paddles and things too if you want, but I think I have to get into the habit of spreading the fingers to get maximum benefit. Good for building up hand rolls from 'duck hands' to spoon hands.