Wednesday, 8 December 2010

More winter and more handrolling

Yesterday morning brought another deluge of snow, just when we thought the first lot was going to melt.  Schools were shut, buses cancelled and roads treacherous.  However it was rather beautiful out in my street.

IMGP0017 Laverock Road in the snow

Because most of Orkney had ground to a halt due to the weather, there wasn't much going on when we arrived at work so we decided to make a welcoming snowman for any subsequent visitors.

IMGP0027 The snowman and his snow makers

After spending far too long in the office in the evening, preparing a poster for the NSGG Conference in London next week, it was time for the KKC pool session. 

It was interesting to watch different coaching techniques, some coaches are confident, others quiet and unassuming.  Some have been doing this for donkeys years.  Observing others made me think about what happens once you have your coaching award.  Getting the award in the first place is hard enough but it seems that once you have the 'ticket' it's really important to maintain a paddling CPD to ensure that you continue to develop as both a paddler and a coach, even if you never do another formal coaching or paddling award.  As we found when we travelled to Inverness a few weeks ago, a little bit of outside input makes loads of difference to your own approach.

I put lots of effort into thinking about and planning my Sunday night OSKA sessions, thinking carefully how things are done and how best to pass that information on.  I probably look a bit hesitant coaching with my notes, but by using them, I know I don't miss anything out.  By the time it comes to the Tuesday night KKC session, I am determined to take time working on my own skills.  This week, I roped Christina in to look again at handrolling.  I was in an easier boat, but I think there is a bit of an improvement.  Christina decided to 'pimp my kayak'.  See if you can spot it in the video!

I also had a go at the butterfly roll, unfortunately, although YouTube illustrates nicely the start and finish positions, I'm not very sure what happens under the water!  Mackayak's assistance is required!

It was still cold outside at the end of the session - Christina was very impressed with Adam's barefoot bravery!

IMGP0040 Brrrrr.....

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