Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Plans afoot

It's not even Christmas yet, never mind New Year but already a list of Things I Should Be Doing 2010 is forming.  This is slightly thwarted by the You only have 15 days of holiday left problem.

The year planner (which hides that awful vinyl wallpaper)

So what's on the cards?

February- Visiting Brittany for best friend's 30th birthday and not planning any kayaking at all, oh no, would I do that?  Would I email these guys in bad french in order to fulfil my 'if it has sea I must paddle on it' aims? 

Brittany coastline (Northern Kayaker begins to salivate!)

April - 4* training at Skyak.  Oh dear!

More of this I think!

June - Level 2 assessment at Glenmore Lodge (ha!).  If I can ever get through the paper work.

More practice at coaching needed!

July - Shetland Sea Kayaking Symposium which I would not miss this for the world!

Fine Shetland paddling

       - My own 30th birthday, everyone is invited to Westray and I'm going kayaking!

Scaun Arch, north coast of Westray, I will paddle it yet!

But, I think in order to fulfil all these ambitions, several things need to happen:

1) I land a dream job that involves half as much work for twice the money
2) I win the lottery and am free to be both rich and lazy
3) I find a rich husband (actually any husband would do!) who is willing to indulge my kayaking whims.
4) In a bizarre act, someone decides to pay me to go paddling......

Somehow, I don't think any of these pigs are going to fly.  Back to the drawing board then......


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  1. If anyone can do it you can.
    I'll be lucky to get away once to Skye!