Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Shalder and Tammie Norrie hit the chlorine

Tonight was the final OSKA pool session of block 1. We've had 5 structured sessions, a clinic last week and this week was a special session for the coaches to get in the pool and get wet. Hooray!!

We decided we wanted to try some rolling, so the sea boats were dusted off and loaded into a big white van..... Some hours later, they appeared at the pool having been hosed down by a very nice person!

Lesley, Katy, Dennis and I had a whale of a time with the whole pool to ourselves and because there were only 4 of us, we could have all three sea boats in at once. Katy was straight in there practicing her rolls. I've seen her roll loads of times in a pool boat and really wanted her to roll her own sea boat - after a few great attempts which were SO close - she finally managed a lovely roll. Yeay!!!

Since getting my boat, The Shalder, in February (please don't look at the scratches!), I have never had it in the pool so this really was a great chance to practice in a nice environment with mates around and warm water! I've been having a complete rolling mare lately but really need to get things cracked this winter as I want to do 4* assessment next spring. I'd started to really loose confidence about rolling so I needed to break my duck to kick start continued development. I managed a roll (not a good one) on first attempt which really helped my confidence then I managed a few more, but usually on the 2nd or even 3rd attempt. I was pretty impressed that I could stay under that long! Anyway, here I am attempting a roll - I am not quite sure what I was trying to do on the first attempt!! I love Lesley's words of encouragement - I couldn't hear them under water though!!

Bad head rolling

Lesley, as ever, was doing many, many, many beautiful rolls. She started off in the pool boat but then was off in her lovely Isel again. It was great to see her back in her sea boat after sustaining a broken ankle in September. Tonight the pool, next week Scapa Bay!

Lesley in the Isel

I think Mackayak enjoyed the evening, I wish I could roll like she can!

Finally, the (in)famous inflatable canoe, Tammie Norrie, made her maiden voyage round the pool, much to my (and everyone else's) great amusement - the lifeguards were great and helped blow her up but fine tuning I think is needed! I think with the floor inflated and perhaps some seating adaptions, it really will be a great tool. I managed to paddle around trying to use proper canoe strokes so we know it works! I could kneel in it without difficulty and we got two adults in and fairly comfortably at that!

The launch of the Tammie Norrie

Last year I missed the January pool sessions because I had to go to the middle of the Pacific and work on Easter Island for a month (!), this time, there will be no such distractions!

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