Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My other life

Sometimes, I do do things which have nothing to do with kayaking at all. Last academic year I did a textile course one day per week in the college where I work, finishing in June. It was a great experience and strange to be given the opportunity to be creative, something I don't really think I am.

Anyway, every year the very excellent local gallery holds a Christmas exhibition of local work to which anyone can submit. Sheepishly, I thought I would put something in.....

Tonight, my kayak friend, her art critic son (age 11) and I, toddled off to the gallery to have a look. They had special late night opening and it was just great to be in the space at that time of day with all the harbour lights reflecting off the water outside. The exhibition was really impressive, there was a real mix of exhibits but all of a really high standard, apart from that one in the corner of the flower room..........

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