Friday, 25 December 2009

Yule (b)log

Happy Christmas everyone!  I hope Santa was good to you.

I’m waiting for my Christmas dinner at the moment and staying a safe distance from the kitchen – it appears to be safer that way.

Today, it is a glorious sunny day in the Highlands of Scotland with barely a breath of wind.  Oh to be kayaking!!  The weather at home in Orkney also looks pretty good and I hope someone is taking advantage of it.  I hope it lasts until New Year so I can get out then too.


Looking out from the garden this morning

It’s really lovely here at the moment, even to be sat indoors looking out.  Tomorrow there are plans to get out on the water, to Chanonary Point to see the dolphins.  The forecast currently suggests a light Sou’westerly, cold, but sunny  - I hope it stays that good.


Snug toes in my bargain boots!

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