Monday, 28 December 2009

Towline Tales

Since I got my towline earlier this year, it has become a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster. 


Ocean pro towline

Firstly, I decided that it was too difficult to repack so I took some scissors and my sewing machine to it, cut a large slit in the bag and made another velcro opening. 

IMGP0472 Towline entrails

Then I decided I didn’t like the plastic carabiner and thought I would replace it with a stainless steel one.  I wanted a system where the crab would be securely attached to the towline and could not slip off when it was opened.  Due to an apparent ineptitude with Google to find anything suitable, I ended up with a pair of stainless steel crabs which were perfect in design, but not in weight, given that they are intended to hang chainsaws from!  I also did not like the screwgate, even though I always left it open.IMGP0471 Industrial crab

Although this new system worked, it did constitute some kind of offensive weapon and a rethink was required.

A more fruitful search of the internet lead me to Scuba Kit who appear to be part of Beaver Sports in Yorkshire.  They have an excellent range of stainless steel carabiners for diving in a selection of sizes.  I went for the 100mm size with eyelet as this seemed to fit my requirements.IMGP0474 Crabs with eyelet

The two crabs were waiting for me when I got home this evening and have now been attached to the towline. IMGP0475 IMGP0476 IMGP0477Tidy towline

I am looking forward to testing this system out before considering any further adaptations.

While I was away, the others got out a few times for a paddle, of course, now that I am home and desperate to join them, the weather has immediately deteriorated.  C’est la vie!

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