Tuesday, 2 February 2010

9 degrees at Scapa

Today I thought I’d take the opportunity of having a boat carrying friend visiting to go to Scapa and practice some sea boat rolling.  The wind has dropped a bit today but there was still a fairly gusty Northerly coming in.   I dressed for emersion.DSC00452

Dressed to kill

I am a great believer in wind assisted rolling so I started on my good side and thought about my start and finish position.  DSC00455 Thinking startDSC00456Thinking finish

The first few rolls were smooth and felt a doddle compared even to a pool boat. 

I then tried a roll on my offside and must have been hit by a wave because I fell straight in the other way!

The air temperature was around 1 degree and the sea is reported to be 9 degrees (but it felt colder).  As I stayed out, I began to tire and my roll failed me.  My hands went numb very quickly in the water and I found it hard to set up for re-entry and roll when I couldn’t feel them.DSC00457It all starts to go wrongDSC00460Swimming around in Scapa Bay

I think my head is the problem again, I am sure it is coming up too fast as I was righting myself and falling back in.  I shall think more about this in the comfort of a warm pool……

I am remaining positive though – I went out in not flat water, with a stiff wind and I rolled on both sides – it’s a start!


  1. I can feel the salt up my nose and the ice cream headache just looking at the photos!
    Well done.

  2. My head was warm in my hood and helmet, just cold hands.

  3. Well done, NK! You do realise, however, that you're putting to shame those of us who use the cold as an excuse to not practice. My husband did similar at the weekend. I feel the pressure mounting ...