Sunday, 14 February 2010

Demoralised Roller

feb14scapa 004 (Medium)Playing in the wind chop at the end of the pier – photo Mackayak

Today we went for a bit of a pootle at Scapa with some of the newer paddlers and one lady who had never been out on the sea before.  We started by poking our noses around the end of the pier before a small group headed across the bay and the beam wind and waves.  Skegs were banned so it was an exercise in edging and sweeping – all ended up where they should but those in higher volume boats found it hard work. feb14scapa 001 (Medium) Arty shot by Mackayak!

Back at the pier, Kye took a small group for coaching on turning while 3 of us headed to the infamous Hemp Stack, punching into the wind and waves to get there.  Coming back wasn’t as much fun as it could have been, although I managed to catch a few small  waves.

Back at the pier it was time for the usual rolling practice, I managed on my right with extended paddle and then came up on the left with a lack of finesse and a lot of muscle.  My third attempt failed.  My friend rolled his much wider and more cumbersome boat without effort.  The more I practice, the worse I seem to get……  Maybe I should just give up…….


  1. Just take a little brake. It will come to you. That is the way of mastering a new skill.

  2. Hey NK, we've been following your progress from afar, you're doing great! You're too far into it now to even consider giving up. Some years ago, I learned to fly. The fist solo landing was "textbook" perfect. What followed, however, seemed more like "controlled crashes". Then they got better. Just keep the faith! :)

  3. Never give up, never surrender!


  4. never give up! but then we're fortunate to practise during the winter months in a heated pool. helped me get my offside roll. our sea temps at present are probably around 0 degrees - too bloody cold for me to roll!