Sunday, 7 February 2010

Glorious February

The weather today was warm and sunny and the wind had dropped to acceptable levels, so we decided that we would go for a trip.  It was the first time for one of the club members out on the sea so we chose a nice journey that would be sheltered from both the wind and any swell.

After some faffing from official group faffer, Peter, 5 of us launched from Holm, only to see a 6th person arrive.  We duly waited until he was waterborne before heading off.  IMGP0861 Waiting for Peter……IMGP0866 Looking dynamic on the water

As soon as we headed around the corner at Holm, we were fully sheltered from the SE wind.  There was real warmth in the sun and Jackie got so hot he decided that he would have a quick swim. I’m sure he was just demonstrating a rescue for Malc’s benefit…IMGP0871 Come in, the water is lovely!

We carried on winding our way up the coast weaving in and out of the rocks  IMGP0872 Four paddlers on a calm seaIMGP0874Malcolm clearly enjoying his first trip on the seaIMGP0888To infinity and beyond”

About half way through the trip, we reached Deepdale where we stopped for tea and cake.  Peter also produced a chocolate bell.  Yum yum!IMGP0892 Are they playing cards?

We explored the cliffs and rocks on the way back to Scapa.  There were loads of sea birds evident and it was remarked that they seemed a little early.  Although the coast from Deepdale to Scapa is formed of cliffs, there are very few caves to explore.IMGP0898 Jackie cavingIMGP0914Peter on glassy seas as the winter sun begins to set

Upon arrival at Scapa, I tried to practice rolling again.  Peter was on hand for eskimo rescues which was fortunate because I only managed one roll, much to my frustration.  Peter said it looked effortless but it didn’t feel effortless!  Later, in the pool, I managed at least 20 perfect rolls on both sides so maybe I should as ask to do my 4* assessment in the swimming pool?!IMGP0926Northern Kayaker tries the famous Anas Acuta as darkness falls

A lovely day for a nice, relaxed trip.070210


  1. Was encouraged to faff to give Dennis a chance to come along... and it worked beautifully :-)
    Think it was food rather than cards!
    Peter (W)

  2. I'm only jesting about the faffing, we wouldn't have it any other way.

  3. Sweet. Sounds like you had a good day. Almost make me want to have a splash around....