Friday, 12 February 2010

Glorious Gairsay

Here in Orkney we often have strong winds, to the point that our personal measurement of wind scale differs from the rest of the world.  Today, it was not like that.  The sun was shining and the smoke curled out of chimneys and hung quietly in the air.  I even had to remove a layer under the dry suit……

I wanted to go in search of a peedie bit of swell and was hopefully of a trip to the west coast, however, Mackayak had yet to visit Gairsay because we always make sure we go when she isn’t there (no not really) and since Johnny went there on Wednesday, she asked if he would mind going again.  We were of course perfectly happy to oblige.IMGP3543Rousay in the background – photo Johnny

I once went to Gairsay when there was a stiff northerly going against a NW running tide at Springs.  It was an experience to say the least.  Today, there were no standing waves and although the flow was visible, it wasn’t strong enough to bother us.  What was interesting though, was to note how irregularly it flowed through the channel, there were boils and flows and eddies popping up all over the place.

Across and rounding the north of Gairsay, the water was so calm today that I was able to look down on a creel to see if anything was in it!Mary wanted rough seas...ha!IMGP3558It was too rough for me! – photo Johnny

We rounded Sweyn Holm in a stylish figure of eight movement and saw hundreds of seals before landing for a spot of luncheon.  Mackayak had some of that wonderful millionaires shortcake which was just the job.  Post lunch, we headed round the south end of the Hen of Gairsay, encountering another area of tide.  We skirted across the opening of Mill Bay and headed back towards the farm from where we launched.IMGP3576”Argghhh Harrrghh me harties!” Coming home with pirate spoils – photo Johnny

Before we landed, I had to have a roll.  Roll on left good, roll on right failed so finished with another roll on left.  I swear, I am going to have to do 4* in the swimming pool!!!   

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