Wednesday, 3 February 2010

A continuing saga

Last night was the KKC pool session.  I was not too confident about my rolling after my 50/50 showing in the sea yesterday morning.  I tried a few rolls on both sides and they were all fine.  Strangely though, my confidence did not return with them.  After that, I tried a few hand rolls and managed at least a few.

My second turn in a boat was not so good and my roll failed again on the left. I calmed down and thought about it and got it back nicely again on both sides.

Buoyed up by this, I thought I would go out and practice in the sea again today, especially because the wind had dropped and the sun was shining.  The first roll was fine but after that, it was again a poor showing.  I did at least manage a good roll on both sides but I was disappointed that I lost it again.  IMGP0795 IMGP0796IMGP0797Roll on left

 IMGP0801 IMGP0804 IMGP0805Roll on right

My friend was on hand to take some video footage of a good right side roll and also a failed left side one.  I am trying to analyse what I am doing wrong!

Any tips for better screw rolling always appreciated…..

After my poor rolling attempts, my friend and I went to Stromness for cake and a walk.  There was a superb tidal race visible as the tide flowed out of Hoy Sound.

IMGP0816 Looking across Hoy Sound to Ward Hill

Although this stretch of water can be treacherous, it is one of the main entry points to Scapa Flow and was thus heavily defended during both wars.  The evidence of this is still visible today.IMGP0818 Gun emplacement

The settled weather meant the water at Stromness looked calm and inviting but at least I had been in my boat for a little while.IMGP0822 Stromness for Ness Point


  1. head coming up way too quick. I just look at my wrist on my sweeping hand. Keeps my head near my shoulder and the last thing coming out.

    Looks like you were half hip snapped after the first attemped and the boat didnt go back into a flat axis to provide that extra snap.

    I gotta ton of videos that look very similar!

    Best way I have found to learn is the video.

    Bonne job on the other side!

  2. And to add:

    heres me doing the same thing as yourself earlier this summer. Head WAY too high.

    You'll nail it next time concentrating on you head position.

  3. Thanks Abduk. I think the head is wrong and I didn't take enough time setting up. Video is so useful! I find often I am not doing what I think I am doing.....