Saturday, 13 February 2010

A little bit of a lift

Today’s paddle was a short one from Skaill Bay on the west coast, round the corner.  Things looked promising as we launched from the bay with no breaking waves on the beach and some smallish waves breaking on the points.  As we left the bay and headed round the corner, the Atlantic swell showed its head and it was decided it was best for the group to turn back.  IMGP0939Ansgar in the swell

We spent a bit of time on the edge of the waves on the point on the south side of the bay.  I wanted to catch a few but it looked a bit too gnarly in there!

Back near the shore, I donned my goggles and did a few rolls, my right side still evading me.  Johnny came to the rescue suggesting a few rolls with an extended paddle – they lacked finesse but did the job.  Some others practised a few rescues and we tried out each others boats before adjourning to the cars.

Back in real life land, looking into the shed this evening, I found a parcel of a rug and these beautiful flowers.  I think kayaker has managed to find kayaker after all…….IMGP0942

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